12 December 2009

Slippers in the Microwave

Hot Slippers. Hot in appearance, hot in action. Simply place them in the microwave. And stand back. In just 2 minutes you will have a foolproof way of ensuring defrosted feet, even in the most arctic of winters. They even have a grip sole so they'll keep you upright on those rapid trips to the kitchen. Sorted.

■One size fits all
■Hot Slippers contain a special blend of flax seed and herbs that, once heated, stay warm for up to two hours
■Can be worn either long or short around the ankles
■Innovative grip sole
■With proper care they'll continue defrosting toes for years
■Can be reheated thousands of times
■Hot Slippers can also be frozen to treat sprains, bruising and swelling
■Not suitable for use by Diabetics

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